Investor Relations

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at PS Group believe that we have a duty to conduct business in a socially responsible manner and to give back to the community that supports us. Our commitment is reflected as much in the way we treat our staff, who are each important members of the PS Group family, as our contributions to the wider community.

Our People

PS Group’s philosophy is grounded in our people. We believe that looking after the well-being of our staff ultimately benefits the company and the community at large.

Work-Life Balance: PS Group values work-life balance as we believe that it contributes to the engagement of our people to the Company and their respective roles. To promote this, we have given our staff flexibility over their working times while maintaining aggregate working hours. In doing this, we have been able to accommodate our employees’ personal commitments without compromising their responsibilities.

Professional Development: We have a very strong philosophy for the professional development of our employees and emphasise the importance of growing our people’s careers. In the past, we have regularly sponsored the courses attended by our staff, which have helped to build and enhance our people’s professional capabilities. We believe these investments in our people have provided us with tangible returns through the years and will continue to provide training opportunities for our staff.

Workplace Health and Safety: We monitor all operational activities within the confines of our premises to ensure that our staff are provided with a safe working environment at all times. In addition, we have put in place health and safety guidelines which all staff are required to adhere to.

Our Community

Each year, PS Group makes regular donations to the community. These gifts have gone to various organisations over the years and have benefitted many. Looking ahead, the Group aims to assess other opportunities to reach out to the needy to give back to the community.

Internally, the Group offers bursaries to the children of employees, the beneficiaries of which range from those in pre-primary to those in tertiary education. We see this as our contribution to furthering the educational aspirations of the youths in our community. We believe that by investing in them, we are playing our part in fostering future generations of leaders.