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Industrial Hardware Fasteners Suppliers

PS Fasteners is today in every machine, building and infrastructure. The company holds together the framework that ensures the safety of each structure.

Established since 1991, PS Fasteners is a leading trader of high-quality fasteners serving the diverse industrial needs ranging from infrastructure development to civil engineering and the automotive industries. With over 20 years of experience, PS Fasteners has transformed from a regional trader to a global one. Now, we export to countries like Indonesia, Panama, Mexico, Australia , Sri Lanka etc.

PS Fasteners has built a reputation of providing a wide range of fasteners to its customers.

The company represents:
YFS – the world’s largest manufacturer of alloy steel socket screws;
THE – the world’s biggest manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners; and
RECOIL of Australia.

With an entrenched belief in reaching out to customers, PS Fasteners prides itself as “The Mix-And-Match Expert”. This brand position differentiates the company by offering customers any mix of its products at any quantity, thus bringing customers significant cost savings. As value-add, PS Fasteners provides an e-commerce platform that enables customers’ order convenience from anywhere, at anytime.

PS Fasteners is dedicated to building long-lasting and trusted relationships through efficient customer service and on-time delivery. This is why PS Fasteners is regarded as reliable, fast, friendly and faithful. These are values customers hold us in high regard for.

PS Fasteners - The Mix-And-Match Expert -


We strengthen Links in emerging markets.


To be a preferred online fasteners supplier for emerging markets.

Value Proposition

I. Any quantity / Cost saving;
II. On-line delivery / Prevention of lost of business opportunities;
III. Ready inventory / Cost reduction