Investor Relations

Competitive Strengths

Diverse range of products to satisfy customer requirements

  • Extensive product range in excess of 15,000 different types and sizes of fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, pins, anchors, rivets, washers and clips.
  • Able to supply our products at any quantity for shipment to anywhere in the world at relatively short notice.
  • Carry a ready inventory and have ready access to our suppliers to replenish inventory.

Established relationships with our suppliers

  • Strong relationships with internationally known fastener manufacturers such as Fang Sheng, Tong Hwei, AFS and Shanghai Prime who supply well established brands such as YFS, THE, RECOIL and SFC.
  • Assurance of continuity of supplies enables us to develop our customer network, respond promptly to our customers’ requirements and expand our geographical coverage with greater confidence.

Established relationships with our customers

  • Diversified customer base comprising approximately 200 customers in more than 45 countries.
  • Repeat customers form a significant proportion of our customers for each of the past three financial years ended 31 December 2012.

Scalable business model which is not dependent on any single end-use industry

  • We believe that our online IT infrastructure has helped to improve our operational efficiency and enabled us to reach out to existing and potential customers.
  • Our online IT infrastructure has also enabled us to automate certain areas of our operations such as order processing and inventory management, thereby translating into a higher level of service and shorter lead times in response to our customer’s requests.
  • We believe that our extensive product range, which can cater to a broad spectrum of industrial applications, coupled with our diversified base of customers across countries, means that we are not dependent on any single end-use industry, which in turn, enables us to ride through the different business and economic cycles of different industries and different countries.

Experienced and committed management team

  • Our Executive Chairman, Teo Choon Hock and Managing Director, Kwek Keng Seng have more than 30 years of experience each in the fastener industry.